Mr Blackburn

Musical Director/Composer/Accompanist

Fast Forward  

Channel Seven TV series, 96 episodes; 1989-1994

Full Frontal      

Channel Seven series, 135 episodes;1994-2000

Eric Bana Live

Channel Seven series, 8 episodes;1997

Eric Bana Sketch Show

Channel Seven series, 8 episodes;1996

Choir Of Hard Knocks   

ABC Television documentary series; 2007-2017

Australia You're Standing In It

 ABC TV Series 2 seasons-Writer/Actor/Composer; 1982 - 1983

Greeks On The Roof

Channel Seven series, 10 episodes; 2003


Channel Seven series - Composer/Musical Director; 1994


ABC TV Series documentary series -Accompanist/arranger/music production; 2011

Big Girls Blouse

Channel Seven series -Composer/Musical Director; 1996

Circus Oz

Musical Director/Composer - 1988-1990

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